Current Status

Hey! Posting about my current art status.

About a year ago I joined the dev team for Rank: WarMaster as the 3d artist and concepts. We’re at the state to start sharing our work so please check the link out. You can also see my contributions as well.

Second, I got a 3d printer! The golem planter has entered our reality and seen in the new store section for purchase.

Mushroom progress

One of the mushrooms painted in 3D coat. The model the high poly was projected onto was the original one. Next practice step is to retopo it so it’s not flat.

mushroom progress 2.jpg
mushroom progress 4.jpg
mushroom progress 3.jpg
mushroom progress 1.jpg
mushroom progress 6.jpg
mushroom 3d.jpg

Reworking the cyborg

Redoing the face to be more realistic than illustrated. The left side was the original cartoonish model and on the right are new changes. Hair needs some more work but quite happy with the new look.


Maryland turtles

New animal button designs. This time turtles! Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Diamondback Terrapin and a Snapping Turtle. (snapper is my fav)


Pulled up a mushroom model from the cavern piece I was working on last fall for more UI paint practice. The bottom image also shows what it would look like at 25%

mushroom 3d.jpg

Golem planter model design

3d design of my golem planter. Now that the sculpt is finished I’ll be prepping it for my first 3d print since college (blasted plaster was the material). Excited to see the little thing in reality.

golem planter.jpg

Quarter view of berry planter

Went a little different on the quarter turn. Half way thru I was getting tired of this study but pushed thru. I am happy with the box.

side by side q.jpg

Digital painting practice

It’s been a while since I painted over a 3d model but I changed that. Doing some small planter studies. Here is the front view and the side by side shot.

strawberry paint over front.jpg
side by side.jpg

Global Game Jam 2019!!!

Participated in the 2019 Global Game Jam at Big Huge Games and had an awesome time! My group made Homeward Meownd seen here.

Watch game play here

I created the UI and environment art which can be seen below.

Homeward Meownd.png

Current 3D project

An update on my latest 3D project. Currently working in zbrush creating high poly versions of my low poly models from blender. Below are some of those models.

mushroom 1B.jpg
mishroom b.jpg
mishroom c.jpg
table progress.jpg

Progress in Zbrush

Hello! The last few weeks have been crazy getting ready for a show market and finishing up the Zbrush class. Here are some more updates on my models. Very close to the end and stoked for the  result!

gu 4.jpg
b 1.jpg


Thanks to Baltimore Academy of Illustration I'm bulking up my Zbrush skills. It's been many years since I worked in the program. The class is good and helping me learn the proper tools to create. Started my final piece which is the Brawler Chick I sketched out a while ago. Excited for the finished look!


Welcome to the new Titanium Melon

Started a new look for the site. Check back weekly for updates on what I'm working on and for weekly sketches. Here are two INKtober cyborg sketches from October 2017 to kick this blog off!

Day 11.jpg